What to Buy: Wild American Shrimp

May 27, 2008

When shopping for shrimp, we follow the general rule of thumb — buy shrimp from the United States and avoid imported sources. Ninety-five percent of the 200 million pounds of domestic wild shrimp brought to the market in this country is net-caught in open water by sustainable methods, making shrimp a homegrown food worth celebrating (Source: Saveur, March 2007).

During the week, or for entertaining, turn to it as a quick and easy ingredient. We remembered a recipe we love: Shrimp in a Pink Sauce (and a delightfully easy entertaining menu too!)

How to Shop: Fresh versus frozen — most often, shrimp at the fish counter has been flash-frozen and thawed at least once. When buying thawed, purchase only what you plan to use that day. We avoid pre-cooked shrimp. Size does not affect flavor. Choosing the right size depends on what you are making. Use your senses: shrimp should smell of the ocean not of ammonia, a sign that it has been sitting around too long. An updated list of Certified Wild American Shrimp can be found at www.wildamericanshrimp.com.

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Margie Sollee May 27, 2008 at 6:13 pm

The June 08 issue of Southern Living magazine has an article entitled Fresh from the Bayou promoting wild American shrimp. It’s loaded with lots of great recipes and info about Gulf shrimpers. As a Southern girl I can attest – there’s no shrimp better than Gulf shrimp! If you can get it right off the boat, all the better.


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