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April 18, 2013

baby arugula microgreens, by hflournoy1

Microgreens seem to be “the thing” these days. We have noticed them in grocery stores, at farmers markets and on the menu at many restaurants – “topped with microgreens”. But, don’t confuse them with sprouts. Sprouts are seeds germinated in water just long enough to grow roots and underdeveloped leaves. Microgreens are tiny, baby, leaf seedlings that are less than 14 days old that are grown in soil and sunlight from a variety of vegetable seeds such as spinach, pea, beet, greens, etc. Beyond being delicate and beautiful, scientists have found that that they are packed with even more nutrients compared to their adult version of the vegetable. But, they are expensive, which is probably why they are used as a topping and not to replace a big salad. If you are interested:

Recipe: Simple Potato and Onion Frittata topped with microgreens.

Book: Microgreens – To learn more.

DIY: Microgreens on your patio.

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