Thanksgiving is Not a Potluck

November 13, 2007

Thanksgiving is not a potluck. It is a feast that requires organization, thought, and extra measures – especially if you are cooking for dozens. To prep for the big day (and keep your sanity), start with a shopping list and think of what you can do in advance:

Choose your bird — We like to buy organic or naturally raised turkeys. If you have not done so already, order it now to avoid the disappointment of selling out.

Make your sauces — They are just as important as the turkey and can be easily stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Decide on your menu – By the end of this week, it’s best to have decided on your menu and to have picked up your non-perishable items. Tip: Don’t choose too many dishes that use the oven or you may not be able to cook everything in your own kitchen.

Check your kitchen essentials – Make sure you have a big enough roasting pan, a meat thermometer, plenty of serving platters, and a gravy boat.

Some of our favorite holiday staples include:

A Best Gravy

Simple Cranberry Relish

Toni’s Nutted Wild Rice

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