Hi,Suzanne here. A very sweet neighbor left a plate of fresh figs she picked from a tree in front of her house on my front steps. Perfectly ripe, they were delicious and a treat to eat and experiment with in the kitchen. Here are three recipes we tried and loved: Goat Cheese Figs Wrapped in […]


We’re very excited to have a recipe featured in the much-anticipated Food52 Cookbook: 140 Winning Recipes from Exceptional Home Cooks, the first ever online community cookbook (to be released October 25th). The recipe for caramelized figs (in-season now) that we submitted two years ago, was selected among thousands of entries. It is truly a “best […]

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Often times when we are asked to bring something to a party we offer up the appetizing portion and create a stunning charcuterie and cheese board (using an extra large wooden cutting board) outfitted with predominately (if not solely) store-bought goods. It is so easy and satisfying and the elements of a good selection speak […]


Arugula and Fig Bruschetta

September 24, 2010

Cut figs into quarters or eighths, depending on their size. Season and toss with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (or a bit of balsamic glaze) and arugula leaves. Serve on bruschetta for appetizers or as an open-faced sandwich on your favorite toasted bread.


Fall Cooking for Friends

September 14, 2010

We love the flavors of fall and reconnecting with old and new friends. Menu: Carrot Puree with Feta and Mint Sausage and Lentils with Sweet and Sour Figs Slightly Spicy Slaw Roasted Pears with Almond Crunch


Serves 6-8 2 lbs. ripe figs, washed Lemon zest strips, 1-inch long and 1/4-inch wide (pith removed) 2 c. sugar Rum, as needed (optional) Vanilla Bean Place whole figs in a deep, wide saucepan. Cut a small slit at the top of each fruit and insert a lemon zest strip into each slit. Sprinkle sugar […]

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Overnight Oatmeal

May 29, 2007

(adapted from Tasty: Get Great Food on the Table Everyday by Roy Finamore) A cereal grass, oats were first brought to the US around 1600, when they were planted on the Elizabeth Islands (off the coast of Massachusetts) by sea captain, Bartholomew Gosnold. This whole grain (highly nutritious in all its forms) can be put […]

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Middle-East Feast

January 10, 2007

Make a Sunday meal with this Middle-Eastern Feast:

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This recipe is adapted from Diana Henry’s Crazy Water Pickled Lemons – – Enchanting Dishes from the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa Serves 6 10 good-quality mild pork or chicken sausages 3 Tbls. extra-virgin olive oil 2 medium onions 3-4 pieces of pancetta, cut in small pieces 12 oz. of green lentils 3/4 c. […]

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