Spatchcocking: A Quickie

February 12, 2008

Spatchcocking, (no need to blush) is a word that literally means to “butterfly”. Using a pair of kitchen or poultry shears you cut out the backbone of the bird to flatten it out so that it cooks quickly – about half the time of roasting a whole bird. Although it is an old technique that is popular among chefs, don’t be squeamish. You will love the fast cooking time. Here’s a good video to show you how.

We often buy our chickens two at a time from a local farmer’s market – that way there is meat left over for salads, a healthy pot pie, or, we might even boil one of them up separately for soup. Inspired by Jamie Olivers recipe for spatchcocked grilled, barbequed or oven-baked chicken, we made this easy, delicious, trattoria-style dish for Sunday supper. The potatoes and the asparagus are sides that are cooked separately and the whole dish is tossed together and served as a large one-platter meal. The herby roasted-lemon yogurt side is to die for.

Recipe: Spatchcocked Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes, Pan-Tossed Asparagus & Roasted-Lemon Yogurt

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