Pomegranate Seeds- Little Red Jewels

December 12, 2006

Freeing the seeds of a pomegranate can be a bloody mess. Here’s a great tip:

Place the pomegranate in a large bowl of cool water. Submerse the pomegranate in the bowl and, with a sharp knife, cut the pomegranate in half. Turn both halves inside out and, using your fingers, gently pry away the seeds. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the pithy membrane will float to the top. Drain.

Choose fruits that are heavy for their size and have a bright, fresh color. In the U.S., pomegranates are available October-December but they can be refrigerated for up to two months or stored in a cool, dark place for up to a month.

Use the seeds in a healthy Winter Tabbouleh. The tomatoes are replaced with chicory, fennel, walnut and pomegranate seeds and the dressing is made from a pomegranate syrup.

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