Pistachio Oil – A Culinary Prize

March 21, 2008

Part of being a modern, home cook is searching and finding new ingredients that are healthy and add unique flavor to our food. Continuing to navigate a less-processed, more natural world of cooking, we learned about pistachio oil (but, only as a mere mention) from our latest Cook the Book Club pick. It is sweet with a nutty flavor and has a beautiful deep green color. It is worth finding and showcasing in your pantry.

How to Use: We tried this oil in medium-heat dishes (sauteed and baked) and in no-heat preparations, including spreads, sauces, drizzles (over grilled fish, meat and steamed veggies) and dressings. Like many other nut oils, it has a strong flavor — so, use sparingly.

Recipes to Try:

Pistachio Oil & Blood Orange Dressing

Pistachio Pear Sweet Bread

How to Shop: Growing in popularity with home cooks, pistachio oil is finding its way into more mainstream markets. Since is steep in price -at our local Whole Foods, $20.99 (on sale) for 8.45 ounces- it’s a good thing a lot goes a long way.

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