Save Money, Save Time, Save Your Health, Save the World

April 29, 2008

Step One: Plan
Meal planning is the foundation of all other cost-saving strategies. Planning your meals at least one week ahead can save you so much. You no longer buy “convenience” foods (prepackaged, processed). You can purchase in bulk more often than not. You can take advantage of sales and seasonal surpluses.

Step Two: “Build” a Pantry
Taking advantage of seasonal surpluses and store sales you can shore up on supplies. When our local market has a sale, we bulk up on healthful goods.

Step Three: Buy Seasonally, Buy Locally
Plan your meals to take advantage of seasonal surpluses. You’ll be wealthier and healthier for it.

These three steps will save you time and money and will have the benefit of increasing the nutritional value of your diet. By living these three steps you will also be contributing to the global solution: less driving, less packaging, less shipping, less waste.

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bettinastern April 29, 2008 at 5:50 pm

is definitely best for our, and our planet’s, health. Thank you for reminding us.


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