Inspiration: Notes From an Interview with Alice Waters

April 27, 2011

Yesterday at The Atlantic’s Food Summit in Washington, DC, Alice Waters suggested that we take time to bring back the family meal and bring back home economics as a school subject. Here is what she said:

Eating at the table is not an occasion anymore. The preservation of this simple pleasure is an urgent issue and we are raising the first generation that does not take part in the family dinner. Unconsciously, at the family table, we learn generosity, patience, the art of sharing, and how to cultivate conversation. When we are always served by strangers or served processed food we send the message of speed, that food is cheap, resources are unlimited and it is okay to eat in the car. All of us have an obligation to bring children to the table through food. Further, by making food a real subject in schools and making food something worthy of study, we give children a positive relationship to food by teaching them how it is produced or grown, created, cooked and then ultimately enjoyed.

Recipe: A Family Favorite: Pulled Pork Shoulder

Video: Watch Alice Waters Give a Tour of the Kitchen Classroom

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