Hoy Tomatillo!

August 6, 2013


We adore the satisfying complexities of Mexican cooking and the full palette of seasonal flavors that are used. The tomatillo, one of the primary flavors of this favorite cuisine, is a nightshade fruit often called the tomate verde or “Mexican green tomato”. We love to use it in-season, harvested from our local farms. It closely resembles a small, green tomato in size, shape and color but it is covered in a thin, papery, parchment-like husk. Its flavor has hints of lemon, apple and herbs. We like to use tomatillos both raw and cooked as the taste varies with different uses. Cooking enhances its flavor and softens the skin while using them raw adds a subtle acidic taste to salsas and salads.

Tomatillo Tips:
Choose firm fruit whose husks are dry and tight-fitting – if the tomatillos have not grown to fill their husks, they’re not fully mature. Store in a paper bag in the fridge for up to one month. Remove husk and wash fruit before using.

Green Enchilada served with Fresh Tomatillo Sauce and Homemade Crema

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