Homemade Seltzer

October 25, 2007

According to The New York Times, “plain tap water has become the surprise food fashion of the year. A growing number of restaurants are offering it in place of bottled water.” Considering our own addiction to bubbly water, as well as the hugely negative impact of disposable plastics on our environment, we decided to make the minimal investment in a home seltzer machine.

SodaStream USA has a blender-sized machine that uses screw-in carbon dioxide cylinders to make about 110 individual liters of fizzy water (at a cost of about 18 cents per liter). Simply attach a reusable carbonating bottle of chilled tap water to the unit, carbonate with a few brief finger pumps, and use it immediately or store it with a special hermetically sealed bottle cap to keep it sparkling. The basic start-up kit consists of one machine, one carbon dioxide cylinder, and two reusable plastic bottles with caps. The price: $79.99.

No batteries or electricity are required and it’s also easy to make your own homemade soda using this machine. Use flavored extracts for carbonated water or fruit nectars for soda.

Recipe: Homemade Ginger Ale

Tip: Soda water, also called club soda and seltzer water, is just plain carbonated water. Because it is alkaline it can help neutralize an upset stomach and aids in digestion.

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