Cleanse Day 2: Brown Rice Breakfast

October 8, 2012

Today is the second day of the cleanse. Getting ready for this adventure meant weaning off coffee one week prior, restocking the pantry with lots of whole foods goodness, and ordering a nut milk bag! On Saturday, we soaked raw almonds all day to make fresh almond milk before bed (hence the nut bag) and put one cup of short grain brown rice (our favorite choice because it’s texture is chewy and it’s taste is so nutty yummy) in a bowl to soak overnight (this removes phytic acid and eases digestion). In the morning, we cooked up the brown rice and served it in bowls with dried apricots and plums, unsweetened coconut flakes, toasted and chopped almonds, our sweet-tasting homemade almond milk and a drizzle of very special barrel-aged maple syrup. You could make this with oats (soak overnight too) or quinoa (no soaking required). Experiment with toppings (bananas, berries, spices).

It’s wonderful to be part of a group. Everyone has cyber-introduced themselves and given a short bio on why they are doing this, who they are feeding, what they are doing to exercise and burn off toxins every day, and they are also sharing wonderful ideas and resources to make this 10 day adventure fun and more rewarding than it might otherwise be doing it all alone.

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