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Hello there! We are so excited to announce that we have officially signed a lease to launch the first brick-and-mortar shop of Chaia, our seasonal vegetable taco business. Our new home will be at 3207 Grace Street, NW in the heart of Georgetown, one of Washington, DC’s most beautiful, historic neighborhoods. The shop will continue […]

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Rethinking Things

February 15, 2013

It feels as if everytime we turn around someone is on a cleanse. Rethinking their diet, avoiding certain foods, and drinking lots of green smoothies, which a friend recently said “I am so sick of green smoothies. What I really miss is salt.” Why does a “smoothie” have to be sweet? Leftover fennel tops and […]


“I heard you are not supposed to wash mushrooms with water, but rather rub them with a cloth to get them clean” was a question that came up recently while cooking in the kitchen. Yes, we have heard that too, but who has time and does it really make a difference? We did a quick […]


A requirement for many black bean recipes is to make a sofrito, a combination of onions, green peppers and garlic that is sautéed and braised until aromatic and soft. Other ingredients such as vinegar, tomato, pork fat and cilantro can also be part of a sofrito sauce, but it really depends on the type of […]


Post Cleanse Follow-Up

October 22, 2012

from Bettina: It was like giving ourselves a big hug! Ten days of detoxing our bodies was a tremendous gift to ourselves and I believe we each gained some invaluable insight in to our own individual bio-dynamics as well. I’d like to sincerely thank Christy Halvorsen-Ross for leading us and cheering us on as we […]


Instead of letting greens sit for a long time or blanching them to take the edge off, we love this technique often used by chefs. Wash and remove rib, if needed, from greens (kale, spinach, chard, dandelion, etc). Place leaves in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt then, with […]


Egg Season

March 22, 2012

Suzanne sources her chickens and eggs directly from a farmer in rural Maryland who makes deliveries every other week in to the city. Her standard order is two roast chickens and two dozen eggs. For the last delivery she received this email from the farm: “A little chat about farm life: As you probably know […]


With Amy Pennington’s Urban Pantry cookbook still within quick reach on our bookshelf, we are reminded of the importance of keeping an organized kitchen and having certain pantry items on hand, especially for weekday cooking. We decided to republish this post with some advice, as it is again time for a little spring cleaning and […]


We’re working on developing new flavors of Mexican favorites and we are hoping that you may not miss the meat with these earthy-tasting tacos, adapted only slightly from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen. They are made with dried pasilla peppers and a mix of sautéed wild mushrooms. The pasilla is a rich-flavored, medium hot pepper that […]


Sorry, not those kind. We’re talking tablecloth wrinkles. Practically no matter how you store your linens, you’re bound to have some creases that you’ll want to flatten out before setting your dining table. We’ve used this easy solution forever: Using a spray bottle filled with water, we gently spritz the cloth all over as it […]

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