“Grills Just Wanna Have Fun”

May 24, 2007

What is it about grilling and barbecueing that brings out an entirely different personality? (For the record – Grilling refers to cooking relatively tender foods quickly over high heat; barbequeing is just the opposite: cooking relatively tough foods for a long period of time with the gentle heat and smoke of a very low fire). The most mild-mannered outdoor chefs can go off on rants and sermons on their preferred style for each technique. Some even go as far to adopt a new name: “Johnny Boy, King of the Grill”, “Grill God”, “Grill Master of the Universe”, “Grill Sergeant”, “Grill Daddy”, “Big Angus”, “Butch”, or “Tenderloin King” — just to name a few.

It is likely that the rituals of the barbeque grill – typically a combination of beer and chatter in the deepest, most hidden part of the yard – allow for this change of character. So: pick your moniker, grab your cooler, throw something on the fire, and celebrate the start of summer (whoever you are).

Try these “super-easy” Home Version Barbequed Ribs

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