A Delicious Dinner

November 16, 2013

risky fishing, by jobarque

We had a version of Portuguese fish stew for a Friday evening “girls night out”, then another good friend served something very similar at a dinner party the next night. The following week, Bettina decided to give it a try mid-week for out-of-town guests visiting overnight. It is a delicious dinner option that may be the answer (at least for right now) to the everlasting question What to cook? Make it at home for friends or family and keep it loose, every version will likely be a bit different depending on the type of fish you decide to use.

Here is a link to the recipe that was sent to us from our girlfriend Katherine. We made a few adaptions: we used clam juice instead of making fish stock, we found canned tomatoes worked fine, smoky-sweet paprika is a must, and monkfish was a wonderful addition to the seafood selection.

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