April 2012

With bok choy as a main ingredient, this is one of those delicious meals that only takes a few minutes to cook once you have a little bit of the prep work out of the way. Crispy green beans and bok choy are mixed in a large, heavy pan with udon noodles and topped with […]


Preparing for a weekend event lead to this truly simple yet delicious combination of caraway seeds and asparagus: Trim one bunch of asparagus (removing any woody ends that won’t taste good), then cut each stalk in half and then cut once again – on the diagonal – into about 3 inch pieces. Peel and thinly […]


Beautiful green globes of artichokes can be found in the markets. We were excited to return to a recipe we published way back in 2007 that makes for a simple, delicious main or side dish. Give it a try this week. (adapted from a cooking class with chef Roberto Donna) Serves 6 1/2-3/4 lb. Italian […]

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Spring Things

April 6, 2012

This week and last, we have been away from our kitchens and have not tried any new recipes to pass along. However, we have been creating a list of coveted items for now. Freshly-squeezed oranges – Florida Valencias, the type used for juicing, are at their peak. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea – We have been wanting […]

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