December 2011

Curried Risotto

December 29, 2011

Here is a recipe if you are staying in for a cozy night. Curry in risotto? Yes, we know it does seem a bit unusual, but it really works. The cooking method is a bit unconventional too. Let us know if it works for you and how you like it. The recipe is based on […]


Cinnamon Cake Doughnuts

December 27, 2011

Jewish or not, homemade doughnuts are a treat. We tried these a couple of years ago with friends on the last night of Hanukkah. The most important thing is to heat the frying oil to a high temperature. If you place the dough into a less-than-hot oil, your doughnuts will sink — as ours did […]


List: Winter Menus

December 26, 2011

If you didn’t see this super-helpful inventory of delicious tasting dinner ideas, we don’t want you to miss it! Some of the recipes are from our archive of nearly 1000 recipes while several of them are new for you to try right now. Enjoy the holidays and time with family and friends. LIGHTER FARE Lemony […]


We plan to make this cardamom coffee cake to pass around while opening presents on Christmas morning. This recipe is from the Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen. It is our favorite cookbook by her; we have found so many recipes that we love. Cake: 1 lb. butter, softened 2 c. brown sugar 4 eggs 2 […]


We’re satisfying a host of appetites and plan to feed a crowd. With one oven, we’ll be able to cook the salmon first – as it is served room temperature – while we pop the tenderloin into the oven. This is what we are thinking about making. Two Mains: Roast Tenderloin with Creamy Mustard Sauce […]


DIY: Rosemary Wreath

December 16, 2011

Inspired by Frolic, we decided to make a mini wreath to hang in our kitchen. A few tips: It takes some twisting and turning and thinner branches work best. Use really thin wire (we borrowed from Bettina’s beading supplies) and we did not need floral tape, as suggested. It looks so cute and smells great […]

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The other day, a friend showed us a list she had started of unsorted stuff. It was not strictly grocery or restaurant related, but it did focus on food. It had some interesting products and gave us the idea for pulling together this post. So, here is a list that we have started with the […]


Shop Local – DC

December 13, 2011

On Wednesday, December 14th, DC Greens will partner with Whole Foods Georgetown (on Wisconsin Avenue) and Whole Foods P Street (in Logan Circle) for a 5% Day – five percent of any purchase, any size, will provide fresh, healthy, local food to our low-income neighbors in the District. Proceeds from the day will support a […]


Abby offered this delicious treat at the end of a festive lunch. “Ooh! Ahh!“, we all proclaimed. “What a great idea!” Thanks for sharing this holiday treat. Good quality eggnog (try Trader Joe’s) 1 (1.5 fluid oz) jigger brewed espresso Pinch of freshly grated nutmeg, optional Pour desired amount of eggnog into a steaming pitcher […]


There is a reason that this salad has stood the test of time. A good Caesar salad is delicious, offers so much variation and most people like it. In our kitchen, we often make it two ways – classic (raw egg and anchovies included) or cautious (updated for those who do not like to eat […]

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