November 2006


November 28, 2006

It’s possible to place your Loulies subscription on hold while you’re out-of-town or too busy to think about eating.




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cookbook club

November 25, 2006

How To Start:
The idea for our Cookbook Club bubbled up, appropriately enough at a birthday lunch in 1998. Six friends who loved to eat and wanted the excuse to cook more and enjoy good food together.

How It Works:
Gather enough to fit at one table (we started with six). Pick a cookbook. Cook out of it as much as possible for at least six weeks. Then meet over a cooperative meal and share what you have learned.

The Meal:
Each member brings a pre-assigned dish (appetizer, salad, side, dessert) while the host is responsible for the main dish. The previous host is off the hook and brings the wine. Usually, we bring dishes ready to serve, but if a dish is better made on-site we do it that way. The meal is where we discuss, review and critique the cookbook over a usually, but not always, delicious meal. At the end of the meal we pick our next book.

The Rules:
The club can be all girls, all boys, or co-ed. It�s your choice. Include a variety of cooking lifestyles to guarantee spirited conversations, interesting cookbook selections, and a variety of entertaining styles. Cooking comes naturally to some and less so to others. You do not need to be a star chef to start a club. Open a cookbook as if it were the start of a new adventure. Each club member will approach the journey in a different way. Some will read the introduction, some will cook the easiest recipes, and some may let the book just sit on their counter.

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about us

November 25, 2006

What People Are Saying:

Winner Brighter Planet, Mastering the Art of Sustainable Cooking – �Loulies in DC blew us away with a handful of fabulous tips and recipes. One of our favorites (and the judges too!) is a guide for “Getting to Know Your Farmer�s Market�. The judging panel included Alice Waters of Chez Panisse; Bill McKibben of; Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farms; Amy Trubek, food activist; Lisa Gosselin, director and producer of Fresh the movie; Patti Prarie, CEO Brighter Planet; and Zachary Cohen of Farm to Table. Judges rated top-ranked entries based on eco-effectiveness and ability to inspire conservation in others.

Winner Food52, Fichi Caramellati – “We liked how Loulies (two friends, Bettina and Suzanne) keeps the figs whole, adding just a sliver of lemon zest, much as you might slip garlic in lamb, and uses rapid heat and a fragrant syrup (rum, sugar, vanilla bean) to quickly soften the fruit and glaze it…..” Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubs

�� like the friend who�s always passing about kitchen tips and inspiration, this site (named for a grandmother of one of the founders) has ideas for holiday cocktails, seasonal ingredients, and even tunes to play at parties. Or sign up for e-bites � short-and-sweet kitchen note e-mails about seasonal foods and current food topics.� � Better Homes and Gardens

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